ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 24 Seinabo Sey

While we are still reeling from the BBC Sound Of 2015 announcement earlier this week, we thought we'd take this opportunity to show support to an artist we feel they overlooked. Even though Seinabo Sey made her breakthrough earlier in the year, we feel that she still has a lot to offer in the months to come and is looking to become one of next year's best new talents.

As one of the biggest breakthrough names in her home-country of Sweden, the young 24-year-old singer has been mainly overlooked in the UK, despite having one of the most engaging and brilliant new sounds we have heard in a long time.

After dropping her anthemic alt-pop single 'Hard Time' before the summer, the artist returned with the equally captivating follow-up 'Pistols At Dawn' prior to the release of her debut EP 'For Madeleine' released last month, that cemented this emerging star in our minds.

The sound of Seinabo Sey is one that can not be measured or compared to any one else on the scene right now, and despite her lack of presence in the UK, we felt now was the time to showcase this incredible talent a little bit more.