ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 77 Rationale

Having spent the last year building his name and fanbase, it looks like the time to cash in has come for the rising star Rationale as he enters 2016 with one of the most fantastic new songs of the year.

While the young singer-songwriter has been putting out great music for months now, it is his latest track 'Something For Nothing' that seems to be gathering momentum for the London-based vocalist.

Being part of wider phenomenon, we have seen a strong and diverse RnB scene growing in the UK over the last few months. With a more experimental edge and greater focus on production, these new artists are lining up to become the new sound for 2016 and Rationale has found himself right in front of his contemporaries.

At the moment, it isn't a question of when he will hit the mainstream, but when, as Rationale is going to be one of this year's big new talents. Have a listen to 'Something For Nothing' in the player below.