While it may seem that we are reaching saturation point with the sheer number of singer-songwriters currently peddling their wears in today's music scene, it is genuinely nice to come across one that is looking to do something different and bring a fresher angle to the market.

Guitarist and vocalist James Bay has been releasing short waves of material for the best part of two years and along the way found himself on the right side of music promotion. Being an act that most tastemakers are choosing to push rather than feeling obliged to.

Clearly taking inspiration from musically lead solo acts that have dominated America like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, Bay's principle sound lies within his huge choruses and passionate songwriting that have helped gather him a loyal following after just a handful of EPs.

His latest release, the 'Hold Back The River' EP, has become his most high-profile to date, already landing himself regular rotation on a number of national radio stations and setting him up to become one of the biggest new names in British music over the next year.

Have a listen to his latest single 'Hold Back The River' in the player below.