ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.350 - Harvey Causon

Having spent the last few years digging his way through the underground trenches, it now feels like Bristol-based artist Harvey Causon is ready to emerge from his under appreciated guise as he returns with the incredible new single 'Corinthians'.

Channelling a dark and dynamic aesthetic throughout, his newest release is a broad and adventurous release that establishes him as one of the more exciting names on the scene right now. Dabbling in a mix of dark-pop and electronic intentions from start to finish, it feels like 2021 is finally going to be his year to shine.

Speaking about the new offering, Harvey said, “Corinthians references a metaphorical idea that a person's being and psyche is a structure or building, with each supporting pillar representing networks, other people, therapies or habits. The track and video convey losing or having one of these pillars shatter and the lead message being to invest in others so as not to let the whole building collapse. The track became a personal reminder to open up to those around you so that ‘cracks don’t become tools’.”

Check out the vibrant new video for 'Corinthians' in the player below.