Bad Blood delivers debut single 'A Birthmark On My Hip'

After spending the last few years building and developing his sound, Newcastle-based singer and songwriter Matt Dean aka Bad Blood has now delivered his instantly impactful debut single 'A Birthmark On My Hip'.

Channelling a subtle blend of raw and pulsing punk influences under an indie-rock guise, 'A Birthmark On My Hip' makes for a brilliantly enticing introduction to the emerging artist. Filled with bold and exciting ideas, killer hooks, and his own infectious vocal style at the helm, he is definitely looking to make a lot of noise with this initial offering.

Speaking about the new release, he said, “It always starts with a story. This song was written to reflect those feelings of being selfish, reckless from time to time. Being able to go through life without taking responsibility for your actions; the protagonist has chosen to forego relationships, community and belonging, taking ‘looking after number one’ to the extreme.”

While things are only just beginning for Bad Blood, it is clear that he has a firm and strong grasp over his direction so far. With its fresh and invigorating nature and nods to the likes of Slaves and early Arctic Monkeys throughout, it already feels like we are going to be hearing a lot more about him in the months ahead.

Have a listen to 'A Birthmark On My Hip' in the player below.