Caroline Polachek - 'Pang'


Since departing from her formative outfit Chairlift shortly after the release of their 2016 full-length 'Moth', frontwoman Caroline Polachek has been busy reestablishing herself as a solo artist and producer in the last few years. Having contributed vocals and songwriting to a number of artists such as Charli XCX, Solange, Danny L Harle and Fischerspooner recently, she now takes the plunge on her own career as she unveils her debut solo album 'Pang', a record that looks to bridge the gap between glossy, commercial pop and irreverent production methods.

While she has previously released records under a number of pseudonyms, this is the first time she is using her own name, showing us that this is the real woman behind the sound and, as such, has delivered a far more imitate and personal collection. While her work in Chairlift was always skirting the abstract world of electro-pop, 'Pang' seems to see her take on a more diverse and explorative intention. While keeping itself firmly in the radio-friendly arena, the use of bold and eccentric instrumentation has given this release a rich and exciting feel that moves her just out of her comfort zone and into something that fascinates throughout.

From the start, 'Pang' doesn't look to grab you with its loud and audacious sound but instead draws you closer to it, encouraging your to listen to every eccentricity and absorb it for the enticing collection that it is. While not every track is a future hit, there is plenty to get your teeth into and get washed away in its broad beauty.

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