Cigarettes After Sex - 'Cry'


After creating a divisive self-titled debut album back in 2017, Cigarettes After Sex have found themselves quickly being heralded as the next big thing in progressive and alternative pop music. While their name obviously got up the backs of many, very few could deny the beautifully composed and cinematic style they had developed and left many questioning whether they were the real deal or just another copycat outfit. But in order to recreate the magic of their first full-length, the band departed their busy lives to a remote mansion on the island of Mallorca in order to record their latest offering 'Cry', hopefully giving it a more serene and laid-back approach than its predecessor.

Throughout the promotion of this album, the band were constantly bringing up the recording location for this new collection, as they felt that the scenery of that time was by far the biggest influence over the music, and you can definitely see what they mean. From the very start, 'Cry' conjures up images of laid-back beach settings with warm and woozy summer nights. Keeping pace very much at a level stead, this new full-length seems to be a more refined version of their debut effort, capitalising on the elements that worked best on there and stretching them out to a complete release that rarely falters or drops in interest.

Despite its emotionally-charged title, 'Cry' is far from a depressing listen as it continues frontman Greg Gonzalez's adventures through the world of bold and atmospheric compositions which have quickly become a signature sound for the group. Very much in the vein of their first LP, this new effort sits as a progressive continuation of a sweeping and engaging direction that is quickly proving to be a winning formula.

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