don't get lemon - 'Have Some Shame'


Ever since the release of their breakthrough debut LP 'Hyper Hollow Heaven' in 2022, Austin's don't get lemon have been established as one of the more innovative names on the rise in recent years. Known for bending a heady mix of post-punk, art-rock and synth-pop into their enigmatic aesthetic, their recent progression has seen them grow from strength to strength with every new release. And with a flurry of impactful offerings under their belt in recent months, they return with their eagerly-awaited sophomore album 'Have Some Shame', a record that builds upon that illustrious tenure to date.

Much like what these recent outings have been showcasing, 'Have Some Shame' bursts out of the gate with all the same vibrant textures they are beloved for. Moving with this casual elegance between each track, offering up a new and inventive sound on each one, don't get lemon finds themselves in their most adventurous guise yet. While much of this collection had already been released in recent months, it doesn't take away from the fresh and captivating appeal they have garnered here.

don't get lemon are already one of the underground's more exciting names, and 'Have Some Shame' is just further proof of their intriguing ideals. Moving with such a passionate and alluring presence, this new release will wrap you up within its enticing layers of sound and never let you go.

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