Fat White Family - 'Forgiveness Is Yours'


Throughout their glorious tenure, the Lias Saoudi-fronted Fat White Family have been a true enigma on the new music circuit. With an almost ever-changing line-up of musicians brought in to develop and create their dynamic sound, their repertoire to date has been this rousing delve into their own adventurous and experimental tendencies, making for some brilliantly riveting in the process. And after an extended break since their 2019 LP 'Serfs Up!', they return with their eagerly-awaited fourth studio album 'Forgiveness Is Yours', a record oozing with immersive ideas throughout.

Channelling what seems to be his inner Nick Cave for this new collection, Saoudi has made a point to hone this new release around a darker and more poetic appeal. With each track either a sombre narrative-driven element or a more ambitious and atmospheric endeavour, 'Forgiveness Is Yours' sees the band in one of their most explorative guises yet. While delivering mixed results, their latest offering still manages to explore some brilliantly immersive concepts as it moves with this raw and brooding energy throughout.

Fat White Family have always had this unconventional direction to their sound, but 'Forgiveness Is Yours' sees them almost entirely depart from their formative identity. Branching out into a wild and unpredictable vein from beginning to end, they continue on as a brilliantly distinctive addition to the scene here.

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