Flavor Waster - 'It's Always Sunny When You're Cool'


While the sound of bands like Flavor Waster is nothing new, what this Washington DC outfit have managed to do with it is create something different within it. With heavy inspirations from post-hardcore and punk bands like Refused and Fall Of Troy, their music is juxtaposed with the soft vocals of lead singer Jodi Jones, who somehow manages to create a more wistful edge to their tough exterior and makes for a much more interesting listen.

With this being their debut album, 'It's Always Sunny When You're Cool' is being seen as more of a litmus paper for the band's musical direction. Filled with a whole range of ideas and directions, the record can move from an onslaught of ridged guitars and ferocious drumming to a tranquil ballad with next to no notice. And while this mix of styles does dampen the album's pace, they have just the right amount of variation to keep it on track throughout.

Bold and energetic, Flavor Waster have certainly made a lasting impression with their debut full-length. An eclectic cacophony of rock awesomeness with all the hallmarks of band that knows exactly where they are going.

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