Future Islands - 'People Who Aren't There Anymore'


Throughout their vibrant career to date, Future Islands have always been ones to explore a more immersive aesthetic than most. Blending rich and dynamic electronic elements with a progressive indie-rock aura has proven a solid avenue in which to venture down these last two decades, earning them enormous praise and accolades along the way. And they continue to find new and interesting ideas in which to explore as they release their seventh studio album 'People Who Aren't There Anymore', a record brimming with euphoric innovation throughout.

The Future Islands sound can usually be attributed to two factors; their textured approach to production, and Samuel T. Herring's instantly identifiable vocals, both of which shine bright throughout 'People Who Aren't There Anymore'. With each track its own distinctive pursuit within their newest collection, the flow and momentum behind the release is always building and progressing from start to finish, making for a brilliantly rich and inviting listen.

Future Islands have always had this ability to lure the listener in with their immersive aesthetic, and 'People Who Aren't There Anymore' pursues this tantalising ideal once again. Fresh and explorative throughout, their sound continues to warm us amongst these winter months.

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