Getting To Know... PleasureInc

Following on from the release of their breakthrough debut single 'Money Talks' at the end of last year, Norwich-based duo PleasureInc have now returned with this fun-loving new single 'Croissant'.

Channelling the smooth and irreverent direction of acts like Beastie Boys and easy life, 'Croissant' makes for an extremely enjoyable listen. Dabbling a mixture of hip-hop and bedroom-pop energy with their own infectious personas, these two are setting themselves apart from almost anything else going on right now.

So with the new single available to stream now, we sat down with them to find out more about their background and what has inspired them most lately.


What was the first instrument you fell in love with?

KP: Drums (played clarinet as a youngster but would never describe it as a love affair..)

JS: Guitar (I just wanted pussy)

What kind of music did you love when you were younger?

All sorts. The regular albums in the car were Blood Sugar Sex Majik - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Room On Fire - The Strokes, Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem, Nellyville - Nelly, One By One - Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitz - Greatest Hits, Pearl Jam - Alive, Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park…. The list goes on.

What was the first album you remember owning?

It’s tricky as our dad worked in the biz and after meetings with labels would come home with a load of ‘promo only’ copies of albums, so we rarely had to buy anything.

KP: Randomly I remember buying The Fratellis - Here We Stand from TK Maxx for some reason.. half decent album tbf.

JS: the first vinyl I bought was a husky loops album. I randomly saw them in Nottingham. They were class, couldn’t not support the team yano.

What is the one song you wished you could have written yourself?

There are far more than one. Buuuut.. let’s say 911 / Mr Lonely by Tyler, The Creator. A modern masterpiece.

Do you have any habits or rituals you go through when trying to write new music?

JS: I’ll usually begin the writing process going through drum loops and just see what I’m drawn to in that moment. Then just start layering with instruments from there. But I’ll pretty much always smoke a zoot just before I’m about to record vocals. The weed facilitates the magic.

Who are your favourite artists you have found yourself listening to at the moment?

Kendrick’s new shit is fire, obvs. Generally loving the pg lang output right now - Baby Keem n Tanna Leone are also on heavy rotation. Loving Rejje Snow. Lil Simz latest album is also vv good. Lots of Pavement too.

If you could open a show for anyone in the world, who would it be?

It has to be Gorillaz. All hail king Damon.

What do you find is the most rewarding part about being a musician?

The buzz when a song just magically comes together. That moment when u listen back and are genuinely convinced this must be the best thing anyone has heard ever. Well good.

And what is the most frustrating part?

Trying to find balance between creativity, navigating the industry and everything else going on in life. Costs keep rising whilst musicians make less and less. It puts a lot of strain on everything.

And what is the best piece of advice you have received as a musician?

When it comes to your stuff, your gut is better than anyone else’s. Follow it.


PleasureInc's new single 'Croissant' is available to stream now. Check it out in the player below.