Goldlink - 'Diaspora'


Since releasing his ground-breaking debut mixtape 'The God Complex' back in 2014, US rapper Goldlink has consistently been at the forefront of the ever-shifting hip-hop scene throughout the world. Never looking to stand still for too long, the MC always looks for new and interesting avenues that help to break the conventional mould of the sound and deliver something diverse and eclectic every time he returns. Now fresh off the back of his 2017 debut album 'At What Cost', the Grammy-nominee returns with his highly-anticipated sophomore full-length 'Diaspora', a record that sees him continue this adventurous streak.

One of the more refreshing things about Goldlink is that no matter what direction he pushes himself in, you can always expect the music to be high quality, and this new collection is no different. Bringing in a multitude of guests this time around including Tyler, The Creator, Pusha T, WSTRN and Khalid, the rapper's latest record is yet another example of what can be achieved when you have a naturally explorative state of mind. With each guest, he seems to have carved a unique and focused beat that compliments the flow of his fellow contemporaries, creating a varied release that only seems cohesive by its own sense of adventure.

Whether its the slow and meandering RnB influences of 'Days Like This' or the club-ready afro-beat sound of 'Zulu Screams', 'Diaspora' looks to impress and entice the listener at almost every turn. Another triumph for the artist who is quickly becoming one of the hip-hop scene's most captivating assets.

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