Ian Hunter - 'Defiance Part 2: Fiction'


Ever since he departed from the iconic outfit Mott The Hopple, singer and songwriter Ian Hunter has been quick to reinvent himself under a solo guise in the decades past. Spending much of that time delivering a wealth of riveting releases that always look to push his sound ever forward, he is now considered one of the more progressive names within his era. And after dazzling so many with the immersive LP 'Defiance Part 1' last year, he returns once again to unveil the stunning new studio album 'Defiance Part 2: Fiction', a record that looks to build upon the aesthetic of its predecessor.

What instantly stands out on this new release is the sheer number of notable names adding their spin on this new collection. With the late Jeff Beck, Brian May, Johnny Depp and even members of Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and Def Leppard making an appearance, 'Defiance Part 2: Fiction' marks itself as one of his most ambitious offerings yet. Brimming with this warm and inviting nature from start to finish, his diverse approach to songwriting is on full display here as he moves with an elegant grace throughout every track.

His tenure has certainly been one of the more dynamic we have heard, but even after all these years, Ian Hunter is still developing and cultivating new ideas in which to pursue. With such vigour and finesse laced into everything across this new album, 'Defiance Part 2: Fiction' is another shining addition to his already impressive catalogue to date.

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