KRTS - 'Close Eyes To Exit'


Following on from his debut full-length 'The Dread of an Unknown Evil' in 2012, the Berlin-via-Brooklyn producer KRTS has been spending much of his time on the road and trying to settle himself in his new German home. And while he new environment will have obviously made an impact on his personal life, it seems that Berlin life has also opened him up creatively as we begin to hear a different side to his work on sophomore album 'Close Eyes To Exit'.

As someone who likes to express his current state of mind through musical experimentation, 'Close Eyes To Exit' seems to show the producer's position on the uncertainty and isolation in the world today. He admits that this new material is more connected to events in the outside world than his previous work and the sense of unease you feel in some of the tracks is certainly permeable.

Yet despite its deliberate intent, the forward-thinking approach to production on this record is unfounded. An eclectic display of powerful beats and haunting melodies gives this album a real sense of intrigue throughout.

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