The Linda Lindas - 'Growing Up'


So many music fans discovered The Linda Lindas through their viral live performance of their breakthrough single 'Racist, Sexist Boy' at the LA Public Library last year. There was something incredibly appealing about a group of four teen and pre-teen girls screaming about their frustrations, it somehow tapped into our own dormant disgust at the state of the world. Since then they have going from strength to strength, landing with a deal on Epitaph Records, and even soundtracking the hit Netflix film Moxie. But now the gang are back to deliver their eagerly-awaited debut album 'Growing Up', a record that looks to establish them more than a simple gimmick.

The most notable thing about this initial collection is how it tries to appeal to both sides of the punk aisle. While the singles 'Oh!' and title-track 'Growing Up' fit perfectly as fresh and upbeat additions to the mainstream radio cycles, the album also turns its attention to the grittier side of the genre, harking back to the ferocious power of acts like Bikini Kill and L7. Despite their young age, they seem to have a better grasp of how to create a broad and appealing collection than some of their more successful contemporaries, showing that they are extremely serious about breaking through and becoming the next big thing on the scene.

While its glossy pop introduction does throw the general feel of this new full-length off kilter, 'Growing Up' is still an incredibly fun and well-produced introduction to their work. They have boundless energy, impressive hooks, and some truly memorable moments scattered throughout, something that will serve them well as they continue their journey onwards.

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