Milk Teeth - 'Vile Child'


The Bristol-based quartet had been constantly in the corner of our eye at the end of 2015. Releasing a flurry of incredible and scruffy rock tracks, the band quickly built a cult fanbase for themselves and start this new year with the release of their debut full-length, 'Vile Child'. And as you would expect, it carries on that rough-around-the-edges sound that has made them such a likeable outfit to begin with.

Taking the classic grunge sound permeated by the likes of Sonic Youth and bring it screaming into the 21st century, 'Vile Child' is that familiar sound under a new premise. The instantly recognisable vocals of frontwoman Becky Blomfield mixes brilliantly with the DIY-fuzz of her backing musicians to create a cohesive sound that gives them so much power and gusto as a group.

In all, Milk Teeth have managed to create a truly brilliant rock record. Filled with plenty of anthemic hand-bangers, 'Vile Child' doesn't beat around the bush with pretension, but instead just gives you twelve tracks of unending grunge rock glory.

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