Nao - 'And Then Life Was Beautiful'


While she may have arrived during a flurry of sweet and sweeping RnB artists when she dropped her brilliant debut album 'For All We Know' in 2016, Nao has remained one of the more captivating and enticing names on the scene ever since. Her progressive and forward-thinking approach to the RnB genre has served her well during these initial years, and allowed her to branch out into more adventurous and inventive directions as well. But now she is looking to offer up a light at the end of this COVID tunnel as she drops the poignant 'And Then Life Was Beautiful', a record that looks to reflect our own reemerging to society.

Although using the last year as a vessel of inspiration has been nothing new for the artists releasing material throughout 2021, Nao looks to confront the more emotional and universal experiences it gave all of us. With this rejuvenated spirit and passionate lyrical flow, 'And Then Life Was Beautiful' is focused entirely on letting us see the brighter side of life right now. While others maybe grappling in the aftermath of the pandemic, she is trying to show us that life is moving on and we need to start taking less things for granted in the future, giving it a invigorating texture that is hard to ignore.

Over the last five years, Nao has been nothing but a delight to listen to, and this new collection is no different. 'And Then Life Was Beautiful' has this almost literal connection to its title, setting itself as the benchmark for a new beginning, both for the artist at the helm and us hearing it.

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