Ruffin - 'Shallow'

US frontman blends the sounds of RnB with electro-pop on this uplifting new release, with nods to Bruno Mars

Stereoclip - 'Hide & Seek'

Belgian production outfit return with another pounding electronic groove, with nods to Caribou

FADE ON - 'Faded'

US frontman continues his journey with 80s-inspired electro-pop with his latest eccentric single

Balthazar - 'Fever'

Belgian outfit preview their new album with this stomping indie-rock delight

Lost Cousins - 'Stay'

Canadian outfit take on a more atmospheric direction for their latest indie-rock thumper

Kalaha - 'Mama Ngoma'

Danish supergroup take influence from the West African sound with this fresh and vibrant floor-filler

Vagina Lips - 'This Is A Good Life'

Greek outfit preview their new album with this brooding, post-punk-inspired thumper

Blossomer - 'HLLW'

British outfit take their lo-fi psych-pop influences from MGMT with this warped and warm new release

Jon Samuel - 'Dead Melodies'

Canadian keyboardist embarks on a solo career with this thunderous indie-rock stomper, with hints of The Naked And Famous

Cubicolor - 'No Dancers'

Dutch production outfit channel the wisftul nature of Boards Of Canada with this atmospheric electronic swoon

SMUG - 'Same Old Town'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of FIDLAR with this grungy, punk-inspired delight

Sean Christopher - 'A Thousand Hues (After Midnight)'

Dutch singer-songwriter returns with another wonderfully wistful serenade, with nods to Passenger

The Blue Ruin - 'Behave'

Swedish outfit channel the thunderous sound of The Dead Weather with this foot-stomping new jam

Lightfoils - 'This Time Is Up'

Chicago-based outfit blend a thunderous pace with dreamy guitars on this swelling indie-rock thumper

Adam Lempel - 'Run (Disconnected)'

US frontman takes his cues from Kurt Vile with this grizzly and anthemic indie-rock delight

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