Grim Tim - 'Why Do It At All'

Dutch frontman cracks out the killer riffs for this stomping Jack White-inspired thumper

dielines - 'Buried You To Keep You Safe'

LA-based outfit keep it humble with this soaring folk-pop delight

ALMA - 'Cowboy'

Finnish songstress returns with her latest future-pop banger, with nods to Sigrid

Plastic Messiah - 'Strange'

Swedish singer-songwriter takes his cues from Fleet Foxes with this warm and wistful serenade

Art And Music - 'Oh My Oh My'

US outfit take their anthemic indie-pop sound from The Lumineers with this galloping new release

Timi Tamminen - 'Goldrush'

Finnish frontman follows in the footsteps of Frank Ocean with this swooning RnB groove

Sean Cleland - 'Dig'

US frontman cracks out the brass for this euphoric and uplifting indie-rock thumper

Westover - 'Before You'

US frontman gets sultry with this heartfelt and romantically-led swoon

Blooms Tracy - 'The Winner Takes It All'

Swedish outfit get dreamy on this sombre and haunting shoegaze-inspired swoon

Orla Gartland - 'Between My Teeth'

London-based frontwoman takes her cues from St. Vincent with this bold and exciting electro-pop delight

All Tvvins - 'Infinite Swim'

Irish outfit follow in the footsteps of TV On The Radio with this funk-filled indie-pop romp

Oli Fox - 'The Worrying'

British frontman returns with another euphoric and spellbinding pop thumper, with hints of John Legend

Sharon Stone - 'Honestly'

Danish outfit take influence from the 80s synthwave sound for this bold and groove-filled new release

Blank & Jones - 'Grown Minds'

German production duo channel the atmospheric sound of Empire Of The Sun with this psychedelic electro-pop stomper

Meera - 'Little Of Your Time'

Portuguese trio get our toes tapping with this disco-inspired floor-filler, with hints of Disclosure

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