Y.A.S - 'Chasing The Dragon'

Scottish frontwoman channels the electro-disco sound of Daft Punk on this groovy new release

Gus Harrower - 'Cell Dilution'

Scottish singer-songwriter previews his new EP with this anthemic, piano-led banger

Bleach Baby - 'This Is For You'

Mystery producer mixes soulful vocals and a contemporary beat on this club stomper

Homaze - 'Knew About Me'

Swiss duo deliver a dream-like electro-pop single with nods to Passion Pit

Conditioner - 'Nausea'

US duo return with another blissfully joyful release, filled with soaring vocals and sultry guitar licks

Spectre - 'Sonder'

US outfit deliver a wonderfully bliss electro-pop release, with hints of Alt-J

Good In The Dark - 'When The Night Is Through'

US electro-pop outfit share a Yeah Yeah Yeahs-inspired jam

Lejkeys - 'Cheers'

US frontwoman unveils a wonderfully upbeat new single, with some bouncing and catchy production

Calvin Omari - 'Li Hts'

US frontman returns with another incredible dose of soul-infused neo-jazz

Alembia - 'White Light'

Swedish trio deliver this brilliantly catchy top-tapper, inspired by Nile Rodgers

Calamity The Kid - 'American Muscle'

US outfit channel the vibe of Liam Gallagher on this indie-rock stomper

Sam Gouthro - 'Down For This'

Californian producer shares a groove-filled summertime vibe, perfect for these winter nights

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