Web Sheldon - 'You Art Is Imperfect'

British producer delivers another awe-filled and euphoric electro-pop swoon

The Mad Rube - 'Rami's Lab In Serbia'

Isreali producer channels the classic rave sound on this progressive techno banger

Makeshift Parachutes - 'King Eeyore's Xanax Party'

New Zealand outfit bring some 80s techno vibes to this funk-filled, psych-rock thumper

Temptress - 'I Say When'

British duo take their cues from The Weeknd on this high-octane, future-RnB stunner

Martha Afework - 'Won't Stop'

US frontwoman channels the spirit of Amy Winehouse on this groove-filled swoon

Stanley - 'Light On'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of Glass Animals on this smooth indie-pop release

French Ships - 'Beta' ft. Jacques Merlino & Julia Sarewitz

US outfit take their cues from Chvrches on this spacious electro-pop serenade

Lebeaux - 'Gold Man' (Oli Hannaford Remix)

British producer adds his own upbeat flavour to this swooning RnB cut

Ame Ardai - 'Blue'

Swedish frontwoman gets swoonful on this RnB-inspired pop thumper

Zuzu - 'Beauty Queen'

British frontwoman previews her new EP with Courtney Barnett-inspired jam

Noble Bodies - 'Take Me Down'

US outfit get tenacious on this galloping, riff-happy jam, with hints of Manic Street Preachers

Ladysse - 'Young Hearts'

US frontwoman takes her cues from Chvrches on this anthemic electro-pop release

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