The Phat Lady Sings - 'Hey Boy'

British outfit get us ready for summer with this tropical-inspired electro-pop jam

Fine Points - 'Ready And Able'

US outfit preview their next album with this sultry indie-rock swoon, with hints of David Bowie

Boy Bjorn - 'Alone At The Severance'

US frontman channels the bold spirit of Bon Iver on this uplifting serenade

Genesis Owusu - 'Awomen, Amen'

Australian frontman returns with another smooth and groove-filled hip-hop jam

Vasser - 'Blind Faith Talking'

British frontman gets expressive on this wonderfully warped psych-pop release

David August - 'D'Angelo'

German frontman takes his broodish cues from Nick Cave on this atmospheric thumper

Uruguay - 'Sabrina Segment'

US duo channel the dark, experimental nature of FKA Twigs on their latest single

Trevor M. Simpson - 'Get Lost'

US frontman takes us on a progressive journey through psychedelic electro-pop on this euphoric new jam

LUCIANBLOMKAMP - 'Doing This For You' ft. Eliott

Australian producer previews his new album project with this diverse and eclectic electronic jam

Spilt Milk - 'Everything'

Australian outfit take their cues from Tame Impala on this swooning indie-rock serenade

Falaises - 'Boy'

French outfit follow in the footsteps of Metronomy on this uplifting indie-electro jam

Bungalow - 'Loving It'

Dutch producer take their production cues from Mura Masa on this smooth RnB-inspired single

From White To Gray - 'Red Brick Roads'

British outfit get us ready for summer with this loveable and upbeat indie-pop delight

Favours - 'In The Night'

Canadian outfit take their cues from the woozy post-punk sound of The Smiths on this wistful release

Alex Di Leo - 'Life'

US singer-songwriter showcases his wonderful voice on this uplifting and anthemic serenade

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