Kashmir Winter - 'We Are Pretty, We Are Porcelain'

Canadian outfit crack out the killer riffs for this bold and pounding indie-rock stomper

Swimming With Bears - 'Keep Smiling'

US outfit add a touch of funk-filled swagger to their latest pop-rock gem

Moony Matelot - 'Munich'

US outfit showcase their latest EP with this lo-fi indie-rock groove, with hints of The Strokes

Dana Gavanski - 'Catch'

Canadian singer-songwriter channels the same wistful nature as Laura Marling for her latest laid-back swoon

MarthaGunn - 'Cuz I Love You'

British outfit take on the euphoric Lizzo track for this fresh and vibrant indie-rock cover

Born Days - 'Is This Reality'

Chicago-based producer brings the same haunting tones as Massive Attack to her latest trip-hop-inspired release

Jono Dorr - 'Back To You'

US frontman takes his cues from Imagine Dragons for this broad and thunderous alt-pop thumper

Moist Briefs - 'Playground'

US producer takes influence from Kaytranada for this diverse and bouncing electronic groove

Else - 'Back To 8'

French outfit preview their new two-part project with this harsh and pounding electronic stomper

Futon Blonde - 'Breathe Deep'

US outfit preview their upcoming album with this light and euphoric indie-pop gem, with nods to Spoon

Lewis Blissett - 'Killing Butterflies'

British frontman introduces himself with this diverse and irreverent alt-pop debut

Stevie Ray - 'Leave It On' ft. The Palmer Squares

US rapper keeps it chilled for this broad and laid-back hip-hop groove

Celeste - 'Strange'

British frontwoman channels some serious soul for this soaring and heartfelt new swoon

Venus Furs - 'Guards In The Garden'

Canadian outfit preview their debut album with this fuzzy and psychedelic indie-rock jam

Anorakk - 'Adrenaline'

Norwegian outfit bring the same psychedelic tones as MGMT to their latest alt-pop groove

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