MASI MASI - 'Other People'

British outfit channel the jangled sound of David Bowie on this pulsing indie-rock gem

Rowan Niemisto - 'Once Again'

US frontman channels that classic soul sound for this smooth and sensual new groove

Sasha Cay - 'Archie'

Canadian frontwoman previews her debut EP with this warm and wistful, Soccer Mommy-inspired swoon

Miller Blue - 'Make You Move'

London-based frontman brings the same sultry, neo-soul sound as Anderson .Paak to his latest hip-hop-inspired belter

Plastic Farm - 'Frames'

Canadian outfit deliver the same upbeat and euphoric tones of The Japanese House with this energetic dream-pop release

Beabadoobee - 'She Plays Bass' (Live)

British frontwoman strips back her latest single to unveil a blissfully lo-fi dream-pop swoon

bülow - 'You & Jennifer (The Other Side)' ft. Rich The Kid

Canadian frontwoman takes influence from Billie Eilish with this pulsing dark-pop stomper

Tuxedo - 'Get The Money' ft. Ceelo Green

US outfit bring the same upbeat disco flavour as Chromeo to this vibrant and brass-filled new delight

Juliana Hale - 'Dangerous'

US frontwoman adds some thunderous and pounding production to this sweeping alt-pop belter

Kyson - 'One & Other'

Australian frontman previews his new EP with this bold and vibrant indie-pop release, with nods to Sea Girls

Harry Nathan - 'Sweet Release'

Australian producer previews his new EP with this bouncing, Disclosure-inspired groove

OFFICER - 'Heavening (Watch Our Bottles)'

British outfit bring the same brooding direction as Mogwai to this sweeping post-rock-inspired swoon

Alex Ebert - 'Stronger'

US frontman previews his new album with this bright yet wistful indie-pop delight, with shades of Of Monsters And Men

Sleep Patterns - 'Hungry For The Holy Cow'

British outfit introduce themselves with this broad and sweeping psych-pop debut, with nods to Glass Animals

Dante Mazzetti - 'Moonlight'

US frontman takes inspiration from Tom Waits with this smooth and enticing new release

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