Richard Frenneaux - 'Arcades'

Brisbane-based frontman introduces himself with this bright and uplifting slice of progressive post-punk

Kids At Midnight - 'Can I Come Home'

Australian frontwoman takes influence from Haim with this bright and pulsing pop-rock groove

Bienvenue - 'Jungle'

British frontman brings the funk on this disco-meets-rap hybrid, with nods to Chromeo

The Idler - 'Degree'

Icelandic outfit bring the same vibrant tones as David Bowie to their latest indie-rock jam

Tyra - 'Still Good'

Canadian frontwoman unveils this bright and vibrant alt-pop stomper, with hints of Halsey

delush - 'The Greatest Gift' ft. Tolü Makay

Berlin-based pianist unveils this blissful and soaring piano-led ballad

TONI&MASH - 'I Want It'

British/German duo showcase their debut EP with this harsh and pulsing electro-pop stomper

LeRiche - 'Connected'

Canadian frontman brings the same blissful tones as The 1975 to his latest pop-rock belter

Daniel M. Griffin - 'Tangerine Party'

US frontman takes his cues from Pink Floyd with this broad and atmospheric psych-rock single

Cub Sport - 'Hearts In Halves'

Australian outfit return with another rich and warming electro-pop groove, with nods to Years And Years

HEZEN - 'Whole'

London-based frontwoman takes influence from London Grammar with this dark and pulsing dark-pop anthem

Denemy - 'Bathophobia'

US outfit bring the same vibes as Bombay Bicycle Club to their latest indie-pop gem

Dreamer Boy - 'Puppy Dog'

US frontman channels the jangled sound of Ariel Pink for this blissful dream-pop jam

Minus Ten Thousand Hours - 'Pr0bl=m4tic'

Irish outfit follow in the footsteps of Biffy Clyro with this bold and vibrant alt-rock stomper

Wild Rivers - 'Thinking 'Bout Love'

Canadian outfit bring the same laid-back tones as Leon Bridges to their latest soul-enriched release

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