SYML - 'Symmetry'

US singer-songwriter follows up his debut album with this warming acoustic-led serenade

The Sleepyheads - 'Better Luck Next Time'

Australian outfit take influence from The War On Drugs with this pounding indie-rock stunner

The Sunday Estate - 'Let's Stop Pretending'

Australian outfit channel the exciting sound of early Arctic Monkeys for this fun and upbeat indie-rock delight

Kitt Philippa - 'Moth'

British artist showcase their debut album with this broad and atmospheric new release

No Time For Reason - 'Reviver'

Newcastle-based outfit get the party going with this punk-tinged slice of bolstering indie-rock

SONICONOCLASM - 'Well Hell Yeah'

German outfit preview their new album with this dark and gritty Nine Inch Nails-inspired stomper

We Are The City - 'Song In My Head'

Canadian outfit bring the same vibes as Alabama Shakes to this soulful indie-rock stomper

Zoos - 'I Saw You Out There'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of Bombay Bicycle Club with this light and airy indie-pop groove

The Lost Hours - 'Lonely Love' (Early Bird Remix)

Costa Rican producer adds his own laid-back touch to this sweeping jazz-inspired release

MXMS - 'What's My Name'

US frontwoman takes her cues from Lana Del Rey on this soft yet soaring alt-pop ballad

Took - 'Bloom'

Finnish outfit keep our spirits up with this heady and euphoric psych-pop single, with hints of Animal Collective

Tom Cridland - 'Falling Off The Rails'

British frontman introduces himself with this bright and vibrant soul-inspired debut, with nods to Stevie Wonder

Phil Madeley - 'Same Skies'

Birmingham-based frontman introduces himself with this bold and exciting Miles Kane-inspired jam

E^ST - 'Talk Deep'

Australian frontwoman takes influence from Charli XCX with this bright and pulsing electro-pop gem

INVŌKER - 'I Should Be Home (But It's Warmer On The Dancefloor)'

French producer brings the same techno-esque tones as Ross From Friends to his latest electronic stomper

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