Wilder Daze - 'Mermaids'

US frontman previews his next album with this groove-filled, RnB-inspired delight

Davidxrussell - 'Sunburnt'

US frontman channels the woozy indie-rock sound of Weezer for this captivating new release

Kings Of Edelgran - 'Tall Tale'

Belgian outfit lift our spirit with this joyful and energetic folk-pop delight, with nods to Bon Iver

Hero Fisher - 'Life Through Closed Eyes'

British outfit showcase their latest LP with this wistful and heartfelt serenade, with hints of Lana Del Rey

Balthazar - 'Entertainment'

Belgian outfit return with this catchy and upbeat psych-rock groove, lifted from their next studio album

Color Palette - 'Dark Days'

Washington DC-based outfit get woozy with this brooding and atmospheric indie-rock swoon

Deanna Petcoff - 'Stress'

Canadian frontwoman takes her cues from Fleetwood Mac with this driven indie-rock jam

Heno. - 'Goliath'

US rapper channels the chilled vibes of Brockhampton with this sultry hip-hop groove

The Rungs - 'Want You To Know'

US outfit showcase their latest EP with this energetic surf-rock delight, with hints of Alvvays

Charlotte Lawrence - 'Sleep Talking'

US frontwoman blends electro-pop with a soulful groove on this uplifting new release

Ludvig The Band - 'Strangers'

Norwegian outfit follow in the footsteps of Animal Collective with this winding psych-rock gem

Danya Vodovoz - 'FourTwenty'

German producer showcases his latest album with this sultry trip-hop jam, featuring dub and jazz influences

Ugly Ghost - 'Text Me Back'

US frontman takes his psych-pop cues from Toro Y Moi on this groove-filled new release

Rue Snider - 'Orlando'

US singer-songwriter returns with another blissfully elegant acoustic-led swoon, with hints of Father John Misty

Mount Sinai - 'Weightless'

British outfit introduce themselves with this bold and explosive Nick Cave-inspired jam

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