BUHU - 'Big Falls'

US frontman aims for the same lofty vibes as Bon Iver on this bold and euphoric new offering

Highlights Of Our Modern World - 'Griefox'

British producer follows in the footsteps of Gold Panda with this irreverent and experimental electronic groove

TSHA - 'Me You'

British producer previews her new EP with this diverse and pulsing electronic jam

Le Son - 'Burning Plastic'

London-based duo take influence from Portishead for this warped and swelling trip-hop release

Dan Edmonds - 'Two Thirds Of A Fifth'

Canadian frontman previews his new album with this light and ambient psych-pop gem

The Ninth Wave - 'Human Behaviour'

British outfit preview their debut album with this bold and euphoric post-punk groove

Jetta - 'No Fire'

British frontwoman blends the pulsing sound of Massive Attack with a dark yet soulful edge

County Line Runner - 'Ballad Of A Land Shark'

British singer-songwriter showcases his debut EP with this lofty and sweeping piano-led croon

SITA - 'True'

US frontwoman previews her new EP with this blissful and euphoric electro-pop release, with hints of The Avalanches

Pop Malcolm - 'Plexed'

US rapper takes his cues from Childish Gambino with this warped and pulsing hip-hop jam

Dani Moham - 'My Dear'

Australian frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Portishead with this dark and brooding trip-hop gem

Mangled Jangles - 'Kissing The Ground'

US outfit return with another delightfully warped and groove-filled psych-rock release

Hanwho - 'In That Place'

South African frontman takes his cues from Glass Animals with this RnB-inspired psych-pop groove

Jo Goes Hunting - 'Computa'

Dutch outfit preview their next album with this pounding and irreverent electronic stomper

Luna Rosa - 'MK Ultra'

British outfit showcase their euphoric side with this bold and anthemic indie-rock belter

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