Diamond Thug - 'The Woods'

South African outfit take influence from the post-punk sound with this dark yet uplifting dream-pop gem

Blush FM - 'Bounce'

New York-based outfit preview their new EP with this smooth and soaring alt-pop gem

Veja Du - 'Scared To Fly'

US outfit preview their debut album with this bright and uplifting indie-pop delight

Little Triggers - 'I'm Alright'

British outfit unleash a bold and frenzied garage-rock stunner, with shades of Queens Of The Stone Age

The Modern Strangers - 'Pass The Lighter'

British outfit follow up their latest EP with this bright and euphoric indie-electro stunner

The Planetoids - 'You Body'

German outfit take their cues from Two Door Cinema Club on this groove-filled slice of indie-pop

Cat Rose - 'Money'

British frontwoman introduces herself with this broad and atmospheric Kali Uchis-inspired debut

Ryan Melone - 'Diamonds'

US frontman brings the same psychedelic vibe as Tame Impala to his latest indie-rock release

pantology - 'Descent' ft. Sergej Avanesov

US producer channels the flow of Flying Lotus for this spacious and groove-filled jam

Cavalcade - 'Blueness Is A Heavy Stone'

London-based outfit crack out the killer riffs for this bold and soaring indie-rock belter

Friendly Rich - 'Donkey Day'

Canadian outfit take influence from Tom Waits with this dark and thunderous indie-rock stomper

Pakobeatz - 'Sound Of Underground' ft. Nejma

German producer brings a touch of disco to his latest house-inspired groove, with nods to Todd Terje

Summer Of Blood - 'Little Robot'

US outfit unleash a fast-paced and energetic garage-rock stomper, with hints of Queens Of The Stone Age

Twelve25 - 'Sunflowers In December'

US outfit take their cues from The Internet with this broad and sweeping hip-hop-inspired groove

Teebs - 'Black Dove' ft. Sudan Archives

US producer previews his new album with this warm and experimental electronic swoon

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