S//P - 'Head On Backwards'

LA-based trip-hop outfit share a slice of their progressive ambience with this groove-filled release

Knifesex - 'Sex & Death'

US producer brings a sense of ethereal wonder with her trip-hop-inspired new single

Jessi Lee - 'Never Not'

US producer takes inspiration from James Blake for her latest ethereal single

Alexander Bernard - 'Daydream'

US frontman returns with another woozy, synth-heavy electro-pop release

RÒSA - 'Stranger'

Californian pop-rock outfit bring us a laid-back new single, inspired by The 1975

Maths Time Joy - 'Only You' ft. JMR

British producer brings the same ethereal soul as Sampha to his latest release

Alexander Wolfe - 'Oslo'

British singer-songwriter brings a sense of warmth and inviting energy on his latest single

Pierce - 'Deep End'

US frontman delivers a delightful electro-pop release with nods to Foster The People

Boy Epic - 'Wolf'

US frontman gets broody on this dark yet engaging electro-pop release

Hannah Lucia - 'Your Love'

British frontwoman channels some seriously powerful bass on her latest RnB cut

MALORY - 'Nuclear Brandy'

British newcomer is making waves with this incredibly progressive electro-pop release

Deep Cuts - 'Endlessly Refreshing'

Houston-based frontman delivers a lovingly laid-back groove with some strong 80s influences

Barstool Astronaut - 'Carry That Fuse'

US producer delivers a soothing and progressive beat, with homages to Daft Punk

OsciLynx - 'Space Dust'

US producer shares a beefy new beat, with strong trip-hop influences

Adam Ahuja - 'Evolve Into Part I' (live-looping)

US artist shows off his voice and loop mastery on this groove-filled release

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