Kuma Overdose - 'Chloe's Memoir'

US frontman channels the neo-soul sound of Childish Gambino on his latest release

Boris Carloff - 'Haunted'

Czech frontman shares his trademark electro-pop sound, with hints of Alt-J and Everything Everything

Vern Matz - 'Shelby Park'

US outfit channel the romantic side of The Smashing Pumpkins on this swooning new single

Lychnis - 'Sky Walker'

US outfit share a wistful and dreamlike release with hints of How To Dress Well

The Dollar Bill Murrays - 'Dancing With Death'

Australian rock outfit deliver the same hip-shaking riffs as Queens Of The Stone Age on their latest release

Shy Spell - 'Wild Flower'

US outfit return with another anthemic, piano-led pop-rock release

Bedstudy - 'ø (Arms Away)'

US outfit deliver a rich and soulful release, with nods to Sampha

Colacoaster - 'Boards And Blow'

Austrian outfit take some blues-rock influences from The Black Keys on this swooning stomper

RHEMA - 'Life In Front Of You'

US outfit add some pop-punk influences on this uplifting and anthemic cut

Dakota Blue - 'Living Daze'

LA-based frontman shares a wonderfully bliss new release, with hints of Bon Iver

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