Typeface - 'Someone Else'

Finnish rockers channel The Cure for their latest brooding single

Raised On TV - 'Big Sur (Up the Coast)'

US indie-rockers share us their perfect soundtrack for road trips to the beach

iamforest - 'Bridges'

Canadian producer creates a stunningly unique soundscape in the style of BANKS

Virgin Suicide - 'Burnout'

Danish pop-rockers take influence from The Cure on this upbeat new single

dumb boy - 'Lalalala'

North Carolinan outfit channel the sounds of 90s Beastie Boys with this psych-rock gem

Oceanlux - 'Madness'

US indie-pop duo share an uplifting and dreamlike new release

The Karmanauts - 'Phantoms'

Lo-fi acoustic outfit share another blissfully chilled-out single

Mascarada - 'Mi Secreto / Culpa Mia'

LA-based outfit give a Latin twist to the psych-rock genre

Brandon Luedtke - 'Black Mountain Echoes'

US folk artist cheers us all up with his delightfully chipper new single

FYOHNA - 'Believe You'

Electronic duo deliver a spine-tingling release, inspired by RnB ballads

Radio May Wave - 'Ultimate Disaster'

Swedish grunge-rockers channel The Smashing Pumpkins on their latest single

NAH. - 'Flying'

Washington DC's psych-rockers return with another ball-busting release

Semaphore - 'Destroying the Evidence'

Brooklyn-based indie-rockers keep our feet moving with this energetic new track

Off Bloom - 'Shut Up And Let Me Walk'

Danish popsters return with another tropical-inspired electro-pop single

George Glew - 'Me And My Brother'

UK singer-songwriter gets soulful and heartfelt on his latest release

Ledges - 'Snow'

US indie-rock trio get dreamy on this emotional slice of brilliance

Elsie and The Vibe - 'Stop'

Australian soul outfit rekindle the energy of Motown with this swing-happy release

YØUTH - 'Blame'

US indie-rockers give us a humble harmony in the guise of Jimmy Eat World

Tigertown - 'Warriors (Stripped)'

Australian outfit deliver an acoustic rework of their latest breathtaking single

Sam Vance-Law - 'Prettyboy'

Canadian frontman shares his latest uplifting indie-rock ditty

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