Sabine Women - 'Venus Is Burning'

Swedish outfit take inspiration from David Bowie on this swooning indie-rock belter

Chali 2na - 'Road 2 Success'

Jurassic 5 MC continues his soul-filled direction with this head-nodding new beat

HEЯITAGE - 'Speak Life'

US outfit take their cues from Massive Attack with this brooding, trip-hop-inspired Damian Marley cover

Dresage - 'Sediment'

US frontwoman previews her new EP with this swooning St. Vincent-inspired jam

Tallbird - 'Sunburn Sad'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of Superorganism with this chirpy psych-pop delight

Lazy Bones - 'Restless Sleeper'

US outfit channel the dreamy rock sound of Wild Nothing with this warm and inviting new release

Florda - 'Silver Line'

Canadian frontman previews his new EP with this sweeping psych-pop swoon

The High Loves - 'Serotonin'

Canadian outfit introduces themselves with this perky and upbeat indie-pop debut

Illuusio - 'Illuusio'

Finnish outfit take their spacious electro-pop cues from Chvrches on this atmospheric new thumper

Picture This - 'One Drink'

Irish outfit preview their second album with this stomping pop-rock banger

Klangplanet - 'Midnight'

German producer returns with a laid-back and soul-filled delight, with nods to Thundercat

NIGHTMØDE - 'Penthouse Refugees'

US outfit deliver a powerful and galloping psych-rock stunner, with nods to Tame Impala

Papaya Tree - 'Youth'

Australian outfit crack out the brass for this uplifting indie-pop romp, with hints of an 80s groove

The Rungs - 'King Of Books'

US outfit share a wonderfully bliss and sweeping electro-pop swoon, with hints of The Cranberries

Latent Signal - 'Typical'

British outfit channel the spiritual tone of Radiohead on this warm and swooning new release

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