Jeremy Newall - 'My Way'

Canadian frontman keeps our spirits high with this bright and uplifting pop-rock gem

Marlow - 'Different Lives'

British outfit add a touch of funk to their latest bright and uplifting indie-pop stunner

Angel Hotel - 'By All Means Necessary'

British outfit bring the same driven energy as The War On Drugs to this sweeping pop-rock stunner

Son Lux - 'Prophecy'

US outfit preview their new album with this warm and atmospheric new release

Jawny - 'Sabotage'

US frontman channels the laid-back grooves of Beck on this upbeat psych-pop single

Sam Johnson - 'Nineteen'

British singer-songwriter previews his new EP with this bold and bouncing pop-rock stunner

POESY - 'Diamonds'

Canadian frontwoman brings the same soaring sound as Florence Welch to this anthemic new release

Peppermint Heaven - 'What Are You Waiting For'

LA-based outfit return with another bright and uplifting disco-inspired pop-rock gem

Azadeh - 'Nothing More'

London-based frontwoman gets anthemic with this bold and pounding alt-pop stunner

Zkeletonz - '25 Hours'

London-based outfit take their cues from The 1975 with this glittering pop-rock jam

Emma Miller - 'Set Me Down'

Scottish frontwoman showcases her new EP with this sweet and soaring piano-led swoon

Mont Duamel - 'Between Us'

Emerging producer previews his new EP with this bright and uplifting electronic groove

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