Gaspar Sanz - 'Myriad'

Sydney-based outfit take influence from King Gizzard for this sprawling psych-rock delight

Sophia Thakur - 'Kumasi'

British poet returns to music for this upbeat hybrid of afrobeats and RnB

Natty Paynter - 'Waste Of Time'

British singer-songwriter sweeps us away with this bold and lofty electro-acoustic serenade

SMO - 'I Know'

Canadian outfit showcase their new album with this fresh and energetic post-punk-inspired belter

North America - 'Leave Us To Fate'

London-based outfit take their cues from Elbow with this grand and sweeping indie-rock croon

Sail By Summer - 'Low Tide Exit'

Norwegian outfit channel the wistful flow of Death Cub For Cutie on this euphoric indie-pop release

Mayfly - 'Selfish Girl'

London-based producer takes her cues from Lâpsley with this atmospheric electro-pop groove

The Belafontes - 'Big Man'

Australian outfit follow in the footsteps of Best Coast with this fun and fresh surf-rock stomper

Not A Boys Name - 'Raise The Alarm'

Australian outfit take influence from The Shins with this breezy yet euphoric indie-rock jam

Darrick - 'Ashes'

Canadian outfit showcase their latest EP with this broad and atmospheric electro-pop release, with shades of CHVRCHES

Aila Fei - 'Marmalade'

Melbourne-based frontwoman blends electro-pop grooves with an RnB aesthetic on this pulsing new single

Essie Holt - 'Last One'

Melbourne-based frontwoman brings the same lofty sounds as Sigrid to her latest alt-pop stunner

Ann Christine - 'Hocus Pocus'

Danish frontwoman takes her cues from Aurora with this pulsing alt-pop thumper

Masasolo - 'Killer On The Run'

Danish outfit channel the whimsical vibes of Tame Impala for this sweeping psych-pop delight

Big Society - 'Give Me My Name'

British outfit bring the same upbeat flow as The 1975 to their latest indie-pop jam

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