Rowan - 'Moonlight'

Irish outfit take their cues from Sea Girls with this bright and anthemic pop-rock delight

Lillith - 'Badh'

Norwegian frontwoman returns with another smooth and breezy, Tom Waits-inspired swoon

Silque - 'Luna'

Danish outfit preview their new album with this toe-tapping, 80s inspired pop-rock gem

Ma Fleur - 'Big Dreams'

German frontman previrews his new EP with this bright and fresh indie-pop delight, with nods to Two Door Cinema Club

Neutral On Paul - 'Over The Top'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of The Shins on this light and breezy psych-rock delight

Kehli - 'Hypnotized' (Buzz Low Remix)

Dutch producer adds his signature touch to this alt-pop anthem, giving it a more club-ready sound

Flight Attendant - 'Man Of Chaos'

US outfit channel the pulsing groove of The Kills on this stomping blues-rock belter

The Endorphins - 'Home' ft. Amaya

Swedish outfit showcase their new EP with this smooth and sweeping alt-pop gem

Myo - 'Years'

London-based outfit a wonderfully rich and sweeping soul-infused alt-pop jam

Dan Atta - 'Life Beyond Life'

LA-based frontman serenades us with a warm and wistful acoustic-led serenade

Jamo Gang - 'Francis Scott Key'

US outfit channel the harsh sounds of early N*E*R*D on this blistering hip-hop stomper


US outfit bring the same breezy flow as Tame Impala to this blissful psych-rock groove

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