French 79 - 'By Your Side'

French producer unveils this pulsing and glopping slice of electro-pop, with nods to Robyn

Rachel Bobbitt & Justice Der - 'Marry The Apathy'

Canadian singer-songwriters collaborate on this warm and wistful acoustic-led serenade

Kapil Seshasayee - 'The Item Girl'

British artist conjures up the same psychedelic sounds as Toro Y Moi for this sweeping psych-pop gem

Moxi - 'Wolves'

LA-based frontwoman takes her cues from Bat For Lashes with this explosive electro-pop stunner

Gaia Cauchi - 'Why Should I'

Maltese frontwoman brings the euphoric sound of Bebe Rexha to her pulsing power-pop debut

Tourists - 'Align'

British outfit channel the pulsing sound of Joy Division for this shoegaze-inspired stomper

Della Croix - 'ColorTalk'

US outfit keep the vibes high for this bright and vibrant indie-pop delight

Dreamaway - 'American Illusion'

US outfit bring the same irreverent sound as Superorganism to this pounding psych-pop gem

Nørd - 'De Bara Jag Här'

Swedish producer delivers a bright and pulsing slice of electronica, with hints of Metronomy

KINGDØMS - 'Senses'

British outfit bring the same pulsing sound as Empire Of The Sun to this progressive electro-pop groove

Olive Louise - 'Fool'

US frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Sigrid with this bright and euphoric alt-pop debut

Midnight Ambassador - 'All My Love'

Portuguese outfit take their cues from Glass Animals with this sparkly psych-pop delight

VARPU - 'Self Medicating'

Swedish frontwoman channels the flow of Christine & The Queens with this uplifting alt-pop release

SABRE - 'Just A Friend'

Canadian frontwoman serenades us with this bold and pulsing RnB-inspired swoon, with nods to Kali Uchis

Might Be Crimson - 'Wavering'

Swedish outfit preview their new album with this warm and wistful acoustic-led serenade

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