Glimmer Of Blooms - 'All I Want'

Austrian frontman serenades us with this pulsing yet swooning acoutsic-led swoon

Sgmaniak - 'Have Some Faith In Me'

US frontman channels some serious soul on this groove-filled new release, with hints of Leon Bridges

Van Bellman - 'I Hate To See You This Way'

Brooklyn-based frontman cracks out the killers riffs for this stomping blues-rock anthem

Husky Loops - 'Everytime I Run'

British outfit merge the 90s sounds of trip-hop and Britpop for this vibrant new jam

Baby Fuzz - 'Burial'

Canadian outfit take their cues from Arcade Fire on this soaring and uplifting indie-rock thumper

King Ibis - 'Reminiscing'

Australian outfit preview their next EP with this woozy, Courtney Barnett-inspired jam

Night Weather - 'It's Alright, We're Ok'

US outfit get dreamy with this pulsing indie-rock swoon, with hints of Beach House

Brandon Pfaff - 'Half Empty'

Californian singer-songwriter takes his cues from Beck with this wisftul yet swelling acoustic-led delight

Misty Mtn - 'Guess Who's Back'

Brooklyn-based duo channel the romantic energy of Bat For Lashes with this warm and inviting swoon

IRENE - 'Nightless'

Finnish frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Robyn with this atomspheric electro-pop thumper

E Dot - 'Meet Me In Montauk'

US producer takes on a more trip-hop inspiration for his latest lo-fi groove

Sirken & h2the - 'Howl' ft. Kalli Therinae

US duo take influence from Chvrches with this bold and vibrant electro-pop stomper

Willful D3lusions - 'Wil Desire'

US producer previews his latest album with this soul-filled, trip-hop-inspired groove

Dave McEathron - 'Hell To The Heavens'

Canadian singer-somgwriter takes influence from The War On Drugs with this wistful new release

Detective Deckard - 'L2TRY'

US producer previews his next EP with this bold and exciting electronic jam, with hints of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

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