Remembering Chester Bennington: The millennial rock god

On Thursday evening, we were all shocked to find out that Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, had committed suicide, leaving his wife and six children behind. And while we all like to think we could have helped the man get over his depression, it was clearly not enough as he chose to end his life. But what has become clear since his passing is the sheer number of people and artists that have come forward and named him as an inspiration. Whether it be rappers, DJs, producers or indie pop bands, the spread of influence Chester and his band had on the world of music seemed to be more than we could have ever imagine. Therefore we have decided to bring back five moments from the career of Chester Bennington that proved that he was more than just another frontman.

Linkin Park - 'One Step Closer'

Released back in 2000, 'One Step Closer' was the debut single from the band's now legendary 'Hybrid Theory' album. At the time, bands like Marilyn Manson, Korn and Limp Bizkit had been slowly making their way up the commercial ladder but it was this release and subsequent album that proved that rock was now just as popular as any pop band. And the best thing was that parents could buy it for their kids as not a single swear word was uttered on their first full-length.

Linkin Park - 'Crawling'

While 'Hybrid Theory' threw up a number of memorable hit singles, it was 'Crawling' that seemed to connect most with the masses and ultimately led to Chester being recognised as one of this generation's greatest singers. The anthemic ballad became their biggest selling song to date, racking up more than eight weeks in the UK charts. So while later singles would initially show strength in sales, it was 'Crawling' that became their most consistent.

Linkin Park - 'Breaking The Habit'

After the meteoric rise of 'Hybrid Theory', the band returned with their second album 'Meteora' (pun intended). But while the album looked to strengthen their credibility as a huge name in the rock scene, there were other moments on the record that showed them growing into something more. 'Breaking The Habit' mixed a influence of jungle and other electronic genres into the track, giving us a fast but melodic release that honestly couldn't have come from anyone else.

Linkin Park - 'What I've Done'

In 2007, Linkin Park returned with their third album 'Minutes To Midnight', a release that would ultimately become there first major international success. While the previous two had proven hits, it was in this growing world of fast-speed internet that the band saw there profile grow to insane international levels. 'What I've Done' became the first worldwide smash from the new record and gave gravity to their exceptional career so far.

Linkin Park / Jay Z - 'Numb / Encore'

To put it simply, this record was a game changer for both artists. Jay Z had yet to become the international hit machine he is today, and Linkin Park had failed to convince hip-hop heads of their influences. So it was from this unlikely pairing that the two worlds famously came together, like Aerosmith and Run DMC before them, and gave us a mash up of two of their respective releases, showing that these two genres have more in common than most would believe.