Sister Gracie - 'Animal' EP


Following on from last year's 'Attack' EP, the one-man dance-infused indie outfit Sister Gracie aka Max Walker has returned with another brief collection of foot-stompers for 2015. But while his previous work had been laden in a more glossy coat, 'Animal' shows a far darker side to his productions as he looks to spread his creative wings even further this time round.

With that instantly identifiable voice, comparisons to the likes of Ian Curtis were obvious, but given this far more broody direction, his work sounds like more of the minimal techno influence that dominated nightclubs in the early 90s. Walker's production seems focused on creating a hugely overbearing sound that while catchy and danceable, does have this slightly macabre feel to it that helps highlight the diversity within his sound.

It is certainly a very accomplished release, given it is only five tracks long. Walker has shown a wide range of influences throughout this EP and his dexterity within production and songwriting is hugely impressive. 'Animal' sounds like the beginning of something new here and only time will tell what it is.

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