Snail Mail - 'Lush'


Over the years, the rise of the self-proclaimed "sad pop" artist has been met with near to complete universal acclaim. Acts like Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile and Mac DeMarco have tapped into the woozy and laid-back attitude of many despondent music fans and delivered something that really hits home. Now after making a grand impression with her debut EP 'Habit' back in 2016, Lindsey Jordan aka Snail Mail looks to follow in the footsteps of her contemporaries with the release of her first studio album, a record that really aims to make a mark.

While it has this really loose-around-the-edges style, the songwriting behind each of these tracks is certainly something to admire. With a proficient yet swooning attitude, Lindsey looks to seduce us in an almost nonchalant way, as if her serenades are meant to sooth rather than be enticed by. Her slack vocal style and brooding demeanour give us this sense of non-committal engagement, whereby the listener can either make the effort to listen or just sit back and enjoy the ride, making this a collection of songs that can be enjoyed in almost any situation.

'Lush' may have this raw, DIY quality to it, but lying under the surface is a brilliant selection of slacker anthems that manage to sooth the soul as much as anything else. Much like her brothers and sisters in this world of woozy indie-rock, she has made an instant connection with those around her and delivered something that will earn her the reputation she truly deserves.

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