The Sun Days - 'Album'


It may officially be the Spring time now but given the traditional British weather, you'd be forgiven for not feeling your most excited just yet. Luckily, the appropriately named The Sun Days are dropping their new album this week and it is filled with so much chirpy, summer time bliss, you might just forget about what is happening outside.

The Swedish five-piece deliver their debut full-length, simply titled 'Album', and despite the dank and minimal artwork to the full-length, this is one of the happiest records you can expect to hear this year. Ringing with uplifting melodies and infectious hooks, 'Album' is one of those records you can't help but want to listen to over and over again. Its bright and energetic pace runs from start to finish, leaving you with a grin that runs from ear to ear.

It seems truly refreshing to hear a band do the pop stuff well. For so long we seen pop music either head down a path of lacklustre pretension or pale imitation, but The Sun Days are something different. They are fresh, exciting and most of all, a joy to listen to.

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