Will Joseph Cook - 'Every Single Thing'


Ever since he first emerged with his breakthrough debut album 'Dreamer' in 2017, Will Joseph Cook has always been in pursuit of something more engaging than what the commercial space usually provides. While very much enveloped within the pop realm, he has been able to create a sound that is more heartfelt and captivating than most of his contemporaries. And after a brilliant comeback in 2020 with his sophomore collection 'Something To Feel Good About', he is now looking to make it three for three with his new studio album 'Every Single Thing', a record that continues his vibrant vision to date.

From the very start, 'Every Single Thing' prefers to keep itself in the warm and upbeat bedroom-pop guise he has cultivated over the years. Rather than adopt moments of sombre and more atmospheric gems, this new release feels like he had summer in mind when writing it. There is something wonderfully enjoyable about this full-length that couples with a warm, sunny day, offering up sugary sweet and head-nodding bops that keep the momentum moving forward and delivering something that really highlights his brilliantly glittering and shimmering songwriting.

Despite its fresh and inviting appeal, there aren't too many totally standout singles on here, which only seems to aid the driven flow of 'Every Single Thing'. Keeping the vibes high and energy at a peak throughout, his latest collection cements him as a fun and enjoyable artist, brimming with exciting ideas.

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