What do you get when you fuse an eclectic blend of pop, techno and sci-fi influences with a lot of “walking late
The Norwegian multi- Grammy Award Nominee (Best Female, Best Composer) called Marie Munroe is signed to Warner Music
Beauty Sleep are a dream pop band from Belfast, N. Ireland.
We Rise is the second album from Morrissey & Marshall and will be released on XX May 2017 through XX Rec
Named after the Japanese word for colourful autumn leaves, KOYO is also the name of a new group fusing colourful infl
The early incarnation of Kid Astray first formed in Sandvika back in 2010, with the six members of the band (Benjamin
Who’d have thought that the unpredictable barriers between youth and manhood could become art?
Named one of the highlights from by:Larm 2015, Carl’s live debut ignited industry whispers that gave him a record dea
Armed with her megaphone, Bonnie knows how to make herself heard in English, Chinese Mandarin or French.
After a hugely successful 2016, Devon-based outfit Tors return in the new year to deliver their latest EP ‘Merry Go R
Swedes are well known for their forward thinking in design, fashion, healthy living and of course music.
We can’t disagree that Scandinavians seem on top form when it comes to releasing high quality music left, right and c
Pasha is truly one of the most exciting hip-hop acts emerging from Norway’s rap-scene.