After a successful export of bands like Arcade Fire and Half Moon Run, Canada yet again distributes their latest musi
Benjamin Dunn, better known as The Wild Wild, once stated "I feel like I've lived a thousand lives" and after listeni
Mo Kenney is a multi-award winning artist with a few prestigious prizes under her belt, including the Canadian Folk M
So the summer is finally here and so is the latest single by the Swedish electro-pop act Death In The Afternoon.
Sweden is known far and wide for bringing many great acts into the music scene.
HÔN is a remarkable new artist that challenges the conventions of pop music and serves an abundance of insanely catch
Nadia Nair is a quietly eccentric songbird from Gothenburg who has been under the radar for awhile now.
Nova Heart have taken China by storm with nearly a million streams on Xiami (Media Streaming Platform), over 200,000
After gathering huge acclaim for their breakthrough single ‘U Got The Power’ back in 2013, Manchester-based electro-p
With 400,000 worldwide single sales and 80,000 worldwide album sales to date, 61 million streams, and over 70 million
Heart/Dancer is a Swedish electronica pop-duo consisting of Linnéa Atieno and Joakim Buddee.