Alex Izraev - 'Laboratory'


Ever since he first emerged, Israeli artist Alex Izraev has always been one to explore a more experimental approach to his music. Usually finding inspiration in the most unconventional places, he has built a repertoire beaming with fresh and emotive ideas. And after a run of impressive singles under his belt already, he now returns with his immersive debut EP 'Laboratory', a release that ventures down a new and innovative path.

Inspired by a painting by the artist Yossi Veissid, 'Laboratory' provides four unique acts, each set around a different part of the painting itself. And while taking influence from a separate piece of art is not a completely unique concept, Izraev's approach has this wildly diverse take on it. With its broad and adventurous ambition towards instrumentation and genre, this new collection breathes a wonderfully varied direction from start to finish, making for a brilliantly bold and progressive listen throughout.

Alex Izraev has always been one to develop new and fascinating aesthetics, but 'Laboratory' certainly stands out within his repertoire to date. With such an alluring and enticing take on his sound this time around, it certainly stands as one of the more innovative offerings we have heard so far this year.

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