Angel Olsen - 'Phases'


Over the last few years, Angel Olsen has been a truly captivating name on the world's music scene. Releasing one breathtaking album after another, with little to no padding between each release. So it only seems right that someone with as much talent as her unveils the tracks that she thought weren't good enough for her official studio albums, and just as you would expect, they still blow most out of the water.

Bringing together a rarities album like 'Phases' is always a very revealing process for fans of the artist. Not only do you get to hear some unreleased material but also get an idea of what the act thinks isn't good enough at the time they wrote it. Angel Olsen however seems to still be on her A-game as this new release is packed full of brilliantly, well-written tracks that while recorded during different periods of her career, still manage to remain succinct in their direction.

If you have been a fan of Angel Olsen for years, but were thinking of ducking this release, please don't, because even her b-sides are a surprisingly captivating listen. 'Phases' may only be her cleaning out her cupboards but still captures the spirit of everything she is about.

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