ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.366 - Calmness

Having spent the last few years releasing a wave of sweet and seductive offerings, Lisbon-based singer, songwriter and producer Calmness has now returned to deliver their heartwarming new effort 'Angel'.

Lifted from their forthcoming new album 'don’t ask if I’m okay', which is out on the 25th November, 'Angel' makes for a wonderfully warm and vibrant return for the artist. With its rich and alluring direction, using little more than guitar and vocals, this endearing new gem is just what we need to ward away in the looming winter blues.

Speaking about the new single, they said, “‘Angel’ is a song about someone breaking the boundaries that they put on me. I was in love with them and they just wanted to be my friend but kept going on with the mixed signals and calling me by names they said we couldn’t call each other. It’s about being in love with someone emotionally unavailable who still craves your attention and treats you differently.”

While adding about the album, "This new record dives into three different past relationships and explores the feelings of miscommunication, unmatched expectations, and accepting what you're given by someone you love”.

Have a listen to 'Angel' in the player below.