ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.373 - Softcult

After tearing through last year with a flurry of exciting singles, including 'BWBB' and 'Perfect Blue', Canadian indie-rock sibling duo Softcult have now returned to deliver their breezy new offering 'Gaslight'.

Lifted from their forthcoming new EP 'Year Of The Snake', 'Gaslight' perfectly showcases the broad and dreamy textures the pair have been cultivating up until this point. With its warm and sweeping aesthetic layered perfectly against some truly enticing joint vocals, we can already tell these two are set for big things ahead.

Speaking about their latest release, the band's Mercedes Arn-Horn said, “We wrote this song about gaslighting and how it really messes with your head and your perception of reality. Being in a relationship that constantly makes you question your decisions and actions, your feelings and emotions, even your soundness of mind. It’s a tactic that many abusers and groomers will use to tear down your defences and make you easier to manipulate. We wanted to raise awareness of this manipulation technique so that whoever hears the song will be able to recognise those red flags if they encounter that kind of behaviour.”

Softcult's new EP 'Year Of The Snake' will be available to stream from 4th February through Easy Life Records, and you can check out the new video for 'Gaslight' in the player below.